Miss-Call Reload

The Dialog Miss-Call Reload Service enables customers to instantly reload Rs 100/- to their prepaid or postpaid mobile account by simply giving a missed call to 458. Any Dialog Mobile customer who has a bank account with our service partner banks can simply register with the service to automatically qualify to use it (for registration information, please refer the table below).

Once a customer dials 458, the call will automatically be dropped and funds will be transferred instantly. Customers will be able to transfer a maximum value of Rs. 500/-from their bank account to a Dialog number using this service, in the span of 24 hours.

Partner Banks

  • Sampath Bank

  • LOLC Finance Bank

Service Registration/Usage Requirements from Bank


Sampath Bank

LOLC Finance

Customer should have a bank account



Customer should be registered with the following bank service(s)

Sampath Bank SMS Banking

LOLC Miss-Call Reload Service

How to Use the Service :

  • Dial 458 from your mobile phone.

  • Select the bank of your choice if you dial for the first time. If not, let the call ring and drop automatically.

  • Receive a Rs 100 reload instantly to your phone.

  • Only one request can be made from the same number within 5 minutes.

How do I unregister from this service?

Dial #458# from the relevant phone and your registration to Miss-Call Reload will be discontinued immediately. However, if you want to cancel the service permanently, please contact the relevant bank and remove your subscription.

Service Recharge Limits


Sampath Bank (Rs.)

LOLC Finance (Rs.)

Reload value per missed call



Maximum reload value per day



Frequently asked questions

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